How long will it take you to make the eyelash box?

How long will it take you to make the Mink Lashes Kit?

Well, when you order 3D mink eyelash wholesale from China, many wholesale eyelashes vendors have a MOQ limit, and when you just started the Mink Lashes Kit


business, you wouldn’t buy that much, so what do?  《Where to buy Short Mink Lashes Amazon?

25mm mink lashes wholesale from China

25mm mink lashes wholesale from China

If you are just starting an eyelash business

You have to change eyelash suppliers and find an eyelash supplier with a minimum order due to the high MOQ. However, if you choose Lashes Vendor, our MOQ is very low,

you can easily start your own eyelash business with very little money.


Another custom packaging box for eyelashes takes about 10 to 15 days, which is too long. But we only need three working days to complete your custom box! ! ! When

people receive the eyelashes and the custom packaging box, you have sold out the eyelashes and placed three orders.

Our factory is more efficient than another factory

Time is money, you should cooperate with a more efficient factory. You only need to send the logo to us, we will paste your logo on the box, once you confirm the

renderings and production order!


We will produce custom eyelash boxes for you, you only need to choose your eyelashes, when you choose eyelashes, we will put your eyelashes and 25mm eyelashes into

your custom box, and then we will ship you within 24 hours Wholesale eyelashes from mink fur, and then we will proceed to deliver the eyelashes and eyelash box for you.



It only takes two working days to get to the United States.

Therefore, if you customize the box and MINK EYELASHES, you will only stay on Lashes Vendor for two days, but if you choose other eyelashes, it will take at least 10

working days. too long! Customers cannot wait too much time.


In the Internet age, whipping suppliers who produce fast, they will catch up with customers. Most importantly, our customized packaging is much better than ordinary



When you receive the package, you can compare our customized packaging box with other packaging boxes, and you will find which packaging is better.

PD 23 13mm mink wholesale lashes

PD 23 13mm mink wholesale lashes

Where To Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes?

In modern society, a growing number of people choose to purchase those things with great-looking  Mink Eyelashes Kit.

What a coincidence! Our company is committed to the design and production of Eyelash Packaging.

The Advantages Of Mink Eyelashes Kit:

On the one hand, it can prevent our eyelashes from damage; on the other hand, it can increase the value and sale of eyelashes, and then spread brand value,

mink wholesale

mink wholesale

attract more customers and gain more market shares.

Our company has been committed to the Eyelash Packaging and sales of brands. We provide marketing plans (concerning both packaging and processing),

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services, and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services for the small-medium companies of America.


Our lash factory, located in Qingdao, China, is a very standardized and modernized Eyelashes Packaging Boxes Factory.

It owns the world’s most advanced 3D printers, printing presses, and UV printers. And it comprises design, quality testing,

lashes supplliers

lashes suppliers

and production teams, as well as three automatic production lines, which makes our product quality and production capacity, reach the world’s top level.

Let’s look at the production processes concretely.

The Production Processes

The eyelash box plays a more and more important role in the sales of 3d mink eyelashes.

eyelashes wholesaler sisley lashes wholesale mink lashes

eyelashes wholesaler Sisley lashes wholesale mink lashes

Who Can Design Free Eyelash Packaging For You?

Eyelash packaging is very important to your lashes business, and today we will break down all the issues about Eyelash Packaging, believe you will get the helpful information you want and make a good purchase.

Our professional design team has provided you with too many design works. If you want to design your own eyelash logo and Eyelash Custom Packaging and your website banner, they will complete all the design work for you.


Most of the design custom packaging boxes of false eyelashes for our customers, and too many people will serve mink eyelash wholesale and eyelash box wholesale.

The function of the Mink Eyelashes Kit.

First, the box serves as a decoration and looks very beautiful.

Second, the box can protect the 3d mink eyelash very well.

Third, you can print the logos and slogans on the box to add value to the product and increase sales.

Fourth, the empty lash box can be applied for storing your false eyelashes and tools, suitable for professional beauty salons and daily use.


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