What effect does Mink Eyelashes Strips have?

What effect does Mink Eyelashes Strips have?

    Mink Eyelashes Wholesale have different effects on various occasions. So today Lashes Vendor focuses on Wholesale Mink Eyelashes. And we sincerely hope this content can be of great help to your eyelash business. Mink Eyelashes Strips are also an important part of getting the knowledge of mink lashes vendor!

luxury mink lashes wholesale vendor

luxury mink lashes wholesale vendor

First, we have business Mink Eyelashes Strips.

On business occasions, Natural Eyelashes should be chosen formally. Excessively Long Mink Eyelashes Strips can give a not sharp look. Your clean, well-groomed appearance will be obscured by your eyelashes. You might think that is an exaggeration, but it is true.

Excessively short eyelashes can make people feel uncomfortable. It makes your makeup looks incongruous. Therefore, it is important to choose suitable eyelashes.

Second, comforting lashes.

On some casual occasions such as travel, we can use some comforting eyelashes. Those eyelashes play an important role in comfort level.

Third, Long Dramatic Lashes.

At some parties such as birthday party and role play, the use of Long Dramatic Eyelashes can show your individuality and uniqueness and catch someone’s eye.

Forth, festival eyelashes wholesale.

In some important festivals, wearing a Luxury Mink Lash will give a sense of thickness. Others will think you take the holiday seriously.

Moreover, Affordable Mink Lashes are also available in a variety of colours for every occasion. Black eyelashes are the most common. It is suitable for all occasions. Coloured Eyelashes can be used for costume parties, role play, etc.

How many types can false eyelashes be divided into?

Natural Lashes.

In terms of eyelashes’ length, it is mainly divided into three types. The length of the first one is 13 to 18 mm. It is also called Natural Lashes. It is relatively short.


Dramatic Lashes.

The length of the second type of eyelash is 20mm. It is called Dramatic Lashes. Its length is in the middle.


Long Dramatic Eyelashes.

The third type of Wholesale Mink Eyelash has 25mm. It is called Long Dramatic Eyelashes. Eyelashes are made from a variety of materials. Its main materials are mink fur.


There are many types of 25MM Mink lashes made of mink fur, which are highly selective and can be reused more than 25 times. We do not kill the mink, it is cruelty-free. We collect their fur during its moulting season. Of course, we don’t collect all the fur from all parts of the body. We choose the fur from the tip of the tail.


Therefore, you needn’t worry about the quality of the eyelash material. Besides, we also use horsehair, human hair as the materials for eyelashes. In addition,  we can use chemical fibres to make eyelashes.

Any other styles about False Mink Eyelashes Strips?


We have Messy Lashes Wholesale. These eyelashes are messy. This style gives the impression of being free-spirited and prodigal. Your whole being is spontaneous and not set in stone. The other style is the opposite of it. The eyelash style is neat. It gives a formal feeling as well as a careful look.

How about the history of Mink Eyelashes Strips?

The Mink Eyelashes was created in the Qing Dynasty and was first used in opera.


About the birthplace

China is the birthplace and important production base of eyelashes, and a lot of the best eyelashes in the world are made in China. Here, there are a large number of eyelash factories and suppliers. The Mink Eyelashes Strips are high-quality with a favourable price, and overall just great value for money. It is especially suitable for personal beauty blogger purchases, supermarket purchases and beauty salons.


No matter the raw materials, or design, packaging, and transportation, Chinese Eyelash Suppliers have mature experience and they can guarantee your satisfaction.


And Qingdao is the best place for eyelash production in China. We have high-quality eyelash products with novel styles and shiny Mink Eyelashes Strips, not rough and dry. Besides, we have professional services. It originated from a professional team, a team with complete functions and clear division of labour, which is trustworthy.


We, as a Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor, sincerely listen to customers’ suggestions, constantly improve our service capabilities, and provide strong backing for our customers.

At the same time, we have professional skills, which is an important indicator of the serviceability of an eyelash supplier. We will seriously implement the customer’s requirements.

Do we have any other products besides Mink Eyelashes Strips?

For example, eyelash tools and eyelash boxes. Of course, as a professional Eyelash Manufacturer, we can not only produce various types of eyelashes according to customers’ needs but also provide various eyelash tools. For example, we can offer eyelash curlers, eyeliner, glue eyeliner, eyelash packing boxes and so on.


First, some eyelashes tools.

There are many kinds of eyelash tools from Lashes Vendor. When wearing eyelashes, we will use glue eyeliner. So we can provide some types of eyeliner or glue. There are also tweezers, which are used to make eyelashes. For eyelash scissors, we often use them when trimming eyelashes.


For example, if you want to make your Mink Individual Eyelashes shorter, you can trim them with scissors to make them shorter to meet your ideas.


In addition, the eyelash curler is of course an indispensable tool. The eyelash curler can bend the eyelashes through the interaction of force so that the eyelashes can achieve a curling effect. It looks like it will make people feel that the eyes are enlarged.


After using the Real Mink Eyelashes, of course, they need to be cleaned. At this time, the eyelash washing machine comes in handy. Using it, and your eyelashes will become clean.

Second, our lashes packaging boxes.


The eyelash box is used to hold eyelashes and there are many types of it. It has free boxes, general boxes and custom boxes. We can customize the Lashes Packaging Boxes according to various requirements of the customer to achieve the effect that they want.

There are several categories about the materials of these lashes packaging boxes. Paper version, paperboard, acrylic, plastic and many other materials.


These eyelash boxes made from paper, these eyelash boxes are soft, folding, save a lot of space and are very inexpensive.


Cardboard eyelashes boxes are the best-selling on the market. Because it is very light and stout. After some more detailed packaging, it will be beautiful and sophisticated. It is very popular with our customers.

Third, we can customize Mink Eyelashes Strips boxes.

Their materials are healthy. They are natural and harmless. It belongs to environmental protection materials.


The acrylic Eyelash Packaging Box is made of high-quality plastic. Acrylic is a good new material. It has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness, surface gloss, and high-temperature performance.

Fourth, the advantages of our lashes boxes.

They have a variety of functions. Because of its high transparency, the light is soft, and the vision is clear. That is to say, it is easy for customers to see the Wholesale Eyelashes clearly and choose the style they love. Its abrasive resistance is close to aluminium, and its stability is good.

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