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Where to find Affordable mink lashes?

There are all kinds of affordable Mink Lash Vendors in the market, all of them said they are the Best Mink Lash Vendors, what should you do to find your own Mink Lash Vendors? How to make a perfect order from your Mink Lashes Vendors? Today,  Lashes Vendor will teach you how to find the […]

Who makes hot mink lashes wholesale?

Who makes hot mink lashes wholesale? If you have read our article, you will know that “mink eyelashes” have been a topic of much discussion in our previous posts. In our blog you can know where to find the best eyelash suppliers, you can find out the price of eyelash products on the market, what […]

What are the Advantages Of Lydia Mink Lashes?

What are the Advantages Of Lydia Mink Lashes? Lydia Mink Lashes have many advantages. Unique Design of Lydia Mink Lashes: We insist on original design. Therefore, we have been designing and innovating constantly. At the same time, our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes design is leading the fashion trend of the world. That is to say, our designers participate in international show […]

How Is The Importance Of Custom Eyelash Packaging?

The Importance Of Custom Eyelash Packaging Lydia Lashes is a professional Wholesale Lashes Vendor, can provide the Custom Eyelash Packaging. We provide customers with more than 150 kinds of luxury packaging. What’s more, our box can print your logo if you require it. That is to say, we have the team of professional designers. And if you don’t have your own logo, the […]

Why Choose Lydia Lashes As Regular Lash Vendor?

Why Choose Lydia Lashes As Regular Lash Vendor? Choose Lydia Lashes as your regular lash vendor. 1.Choose Lydia Lashes as your regular Lash Vendor. We are a professional mink Lash Vendor. In addition, we have our own eyelash factory. At the same time, our price is more competitive in the market. 2.We only produce the highest grade […]

Why are we the Best Faux Mink Lash Suppliers?

1 What does Faux Mink Lash mean? ①Definition of Faux Mink Lash Faux Mink Lash refers to a type of artificial eyelashes made from mink fur.  Faux Mink Lashes belong to a kind of artificial eyelashes that beautify the eyes. ②Function of Faux Mink Lash It can make the eyelashes of people longer and thicker, so your eyes will become bigger, brighter, […]

How to start your own lashes business quickly?

How to start your own lashes business quickly? If you want to start your own lashes business about Wholesale Mink Lashes, but have no ideas. So you can ask Lydia Lashes for help. Lydia Lashes will provide you with the sincere and helpful tips. They are on how to start your own Wholesale Mink Eyelashes quickly and […]

What is Mink Lash from Lydia Lashes?

I.What is Mink Lash? All of our Mink Lash are made of 100% mink furs and purely hand-made. At the same time, the furs are from the end of the tails of the young minks which are long, sturdy, light, and glossy. 1 Texture of Mink Lash Moreover, the texture of mink furs is fluffy, which can make your […]

How to choose suitable false lashes?

How to choose suitable false lashes? False Lashes. When you choose the suitable eyelashes among various false lashes styles, maybe sometimes you are a little confused. And you have no idea about how to choose the best False Lashes that fit you most. Because there are millions of  Wholesale False Lashes in the market. Therefore, how to get […]

Who supply the best Mink Lashes for cheap?

Ⅰ What is Mink Lashes? The Mink Lashes are a kind of eyelashes made from mink fur. Mink fur is lustrous and soft, as well as very comfortable when people touching it. 1.Raw Material of Mink Lash It is well known that Siberian mink fur is the best material in the world to make Mink Lashes. 2.Process of making Mink […]