What is Mink Lash from Lydia Lashes?

I.What is Mink Lash?

All of our Mink Lash are made of 100% mink furs and purely hand-made. At the same time, the furs are from the end of the tails of the young minks which are long, sturdy, light, and glossy.

1 Texture of Mink Lash

Moreover, the texture of mink furs is fluffy, which can make your eyes look more natural, and soft. This is important for you when wearing them, because this would not cause the feeling of fatigue. Our lash is tough and not easily damaged in general occasions.

2 Wearing Effect of Mink Lash

In addition, the wearing effect is clear and vivid. Because it can integrate with people’s eyes, which can make your eyes more bright.

Last but not least, we take furs in the changeover period between spring and autumn by making use of combs. So the minks are safe. We will never gain benefits at the cost of injuring animals.

3 Cruelty-free

It is illegal to catch and kill wild animals in China and there are special laws to protect animals from being injured. For example, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Wildlife.

China pays much attention to ecological civilization construction and Environmental protection is growing in the consciousness of the Chinese. And China is active in implementing the scientific outlook on development.

II.How to make Mink Lash?

1.Taking furs

We take furs in the changeover period between spring and autumn by making use of combs and our workers who are responsible for this process are experienced and skilled, so you needn’t worry that the minks will be injured.

2.Choosing furs

All the furs that we have chosen are of high quality. And we will not pick the inferior furs and then deal with them intensively for avoiding pollute the environment.

3.Handmade process

Our lashes are purely handmade. We call our workers who are responsible for this process folk artists. The reason for this is a very complicated technique, which not only needs specialized skills but also needs patience and carefulness. Although folk artists make up to 12 pairs of Mink Lashes, the finalized products are high-quality.

4.High-temperature shape

In this process, we will use specialized machines and we shape our products by high temperature, a physical method.

Advantages: sterilize, no potion residue

Our products are natural, green, and healthy. Other products often use chemicals to shape, which is not only quick and convenient but also shortens the production cycle and saves costs.

But, there are also a lot of disadvantages, for example, there will be potion residue and an unpleasant smell. In serious cases, this can lead to eye diseases and even loss of sight. So, it’s very important and useful to use physical methods in this process to protect our eyes. Sometimes, some products might be damaged when the temperature is not appropriate. So, this process is also very critical.

III.What about the Synthetic Lashes?

In the market, there are a lot of synthetic lashes, it’s very normal and common. The first reason is that the synthetic lashes are cheap and the cost is lower. It means mink lash can benefit a lot for Lash Vendors.

The second reason is that the cost of mink lashes is expensive and its market is limited. What is more, so many Lashes Suppliers lack confidence in starting their own mink lashes line.

But for us, we are committed to providing high-end lashes for our customers. After all, we firmly believe that only high-end lashes can provide customers the high-end feelings and show their charm fully and efficiently.

Ⅳ. What are the Silk Lashes?

Silk, a textile made from silk or synthetic, man-made, or staple fibers; A general term for fabrics made of pure or interwoven silk or rayon.

Synthetic silks are common in our life because it’s cheap in cost and can benefit a lot, but it is bad for the environment because the material of synthetic silk is petroleum, which waste perish sources.

So, Silk Lashes should not be used for protecting our environment, thus, you can use Mink Lashes, which is cruelty-free and is not bad for the environment around us.

The difference between Mink Lash and the above two lashes

Firstly, Mink lashes are more cost-effective than the above two lashes because their price is reasonable and their quality is high at the same time, which outdistance the practicability of general lashes.

Secondly, in modern life, more and more people pursue beautiful things, and the appearance of Mink Lash exactly accord to their requirements, so the market of Mink Lashes Wholesale is very large, which is beneficial to the development of Mink Lashes Vendors and the people who are prepared to carry out their business lashes.

Ⅴ.Where to buy Cheap Mink Lash?

Coming to China is the best choice for you. The followings are the reasons.

1.The birthplace of lashes

The lashes originate from China, which is firstly used to stages performance and render the atmosphere of stages.

2.An increasing of Lashes Factories and Eyelashes Vendors

There are a lot of Lashes Factories and Lashes Vendors in China.

Therefore, they have not only experience in producing and designing lashes, but also choosing the best materials to produce lashes. That is to say, the quality of lashes is high.

In addition, most of the lashes are factories outlet, which means that there is no middlemen pocket the difference.

So you can save a lot in cost. And you’d better buy lashes in bulk because this is very reasonable and cheap for you if you want to start your lashes business.

  1. Choosing us

Lydia Lashes, one of the best Mink Lashes Manufacturers, can not only provide you the cost-effective products but also give you the additional advice if necessary. Some people who want to start their own lashes line, lack experience and don’t know how to do it.

You don’t feel confused, because we can teach you the means about how to start the lashes line freely. And we are willing to share the experience with you who are interested in lashes.

If you are necessary, please contact us and we will provide you the best service.

But in this special period, you don’t need to come here by yourself. You can contact us online, and we can give you free samples to have a look, and we cooperate with the best express company, which can send the goods to you hands safely and quickly.

VII. How to choose appropriate Mink Lashes?

1.Natural Lashes

If you like natural styles, which can give you a kind of natural beauty, you can choose 13-18MM long Wholesale Mink Lashes. The length is suitable for the workplace, so you might use it more often.

2.Dramatic Lashes

The length of 20MM is not only natural, but also dramatic. So the 20MM Mink Lashes are one of the best-selling styles in the market, so you can have a try.

3.Long dramatic style

The length is long compared to the two above styles, but that’s OK. You can also wear them in many places. For example, weddings, parties and so on, which can show your individuality fully and increase your charm in some degree.


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